Amy Hillegass

Lead Designer

“ I have always had a strong desire to make positive impact. Providing a more comfortable home for the families and educating about healthy & sustainable design is extremely gratifying. “ -Amy Hillegass

With a family of my own, I have become more invested in living a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle. My interests have always revolved around design and nature. Our culture spends most of our time indoors. It is important to make these environments healthy, comfortable, and functional. Offering services in sustainable and healthy interior design brings these two passions together.

After completing my bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design, I wanted to design things that were eco-friendly, sustainable, and healthy for the consumer. Interior Design is a large palette with many challenges and possibilities.

Hillegass Home Interior Design was created because there is a need for healthy, sustainable, eco-friendly, affordable, accessible design. I can work within your budget. I want your home to reflect your tastes and personality. It should be comfortable and functional. I am a resource for you even after your project is complete.

Thank you for your interest in Hillegass Home Interior Design. We look forward to meeting you.

~Amy Hillegass

Design Process


Hello –How can I help you?

Please fill out our questionnaire and we will contact you (within 24hrs) and during your available times. It is important to get an idea of what your needs are and what you are looking to do. We can discuss any questions you have and setup a consultation at this time.


It is nice to meet you!

I look forward to meeting my clients and seeing their home. I feel lucky to help people make their homes more functional, more personal, and more comfortable. The consultation is an hour to get to know your tastes, needs, and goals for your home.


Measure & Initial Design Concept

A second consultation is needed in some remodels. This meeting will be with a contractor in addition to Hillegass Home and yourself.


The Design Reveal

A presentation of detailed and accurate drawings, computer sketches, samples, and cost sheets will be presented to you. We discuss any modifications needed to the original design. If applicable, these modifications are made in an agreed upon date of completion.


Optional Project Management

Hillegass Home provides project management to those who do not want to be in charge of their remodel. We will hire all trades, maintain a working schedule, and resolve any challenges that arise.


Goodbye, for now

I always want to have a final meeting with you to make sure you are satisfied with the result of your remodel. Once you are a client, you will always be a client. I try to be a resource for my clients. If you have questions relating to your remodel or if something needs to be replaced in 15 years….I am here for you!