Restorative Office Suite

The office is in a healthcare setting, so the furniture needed to be durable and health-conscious.

The client chairs have soy-based cushions and are upholstered in extremely durable, breathable, antimicrobial fabric. The rug is hand knotted and 100% wool.

Plants were added to improve indoor air quality and can improve mood. Natural materials like beech wood, bamboo, mango wood were used in the office. Local art was hung in the office and throughout the office suite.

The existing desk, file cabinet, and bookshelf were reused and redesigned in a more functional layout. More organization and better flow was achieved.



Amy met with me to assess my needs. She explained her services very clearly so that we would know what to expect. She was really genuine in the way she interacted and presented things. The cost was reasonable. She picked items (e.g., rug, furniture, and accessories) that were environmentally friendly and found some local artists for the art work for my wall. I love everything about my new office. She reviewed the project with me after it was completed to make sure I was satisfied. My husband and I would like to have her redo our living room in the future.

Cathy L

Project Highlights