Beautiful Interior Decorating

Hillegass Home Interior Design has experience in procuring the very best healthy, sustainable, environmentally friendly materials for your home. We look at a product’s entire life-cycle. This is important in purchasing an actual green product.

We succeed in creating unique and beautiful designs within an affordable budget. Hillegass Home Interior Design can help you decorate any room in your home – bedrooms, dining/living rooms,  family rooms,  rec rooms, playrooms, the office, or hobby rooms.

Our designs feature:

  • Green & Healthy Materials: We use furniture/decor that does not off-gas or have known carcinogens. We are knowledgeable about the product’s complete life-cycle from the extraction of material to end of life disposal. We use items with the least environmental impact as possible.
  • Custom Design: We are experience in designing new custom furniture. In some projects, we may reuse or refurbish materials. These found items add personal touches and add to a green design.

Hillegass Home Interior Design strives for our designs to be timeless and useful. We work with local artisans, makers, and manufacturers. We decorate by telling your story through beautiful custom elements to make it highly functional for your lifestyle.

Interior Decorating Examples