Healthy & Green Interior Design Tips :Rugs

Healthy & Green Interior Design Tips :Rugs

Hello, Natural Rugs!

Area rugs are a healthy and green alternative to wall to wall carpeting. Most do not have a backing or pad that are full of chemicals, like carpeting does. Area rugs give you the opportunity to clean them thoroughly unlike carpet that harbors dust, dirt, and allergens. There are many options of materials that are healthy and eco-friendly.  Look for an area rug made 100% wool, sisal, cotton, bamboo, hemp, jute or a blend of these fibers.

haWool is naturally flame resistant and self-extinguishing making it a safer choice for your home. It is a renewable resource and recyclable. No more furniture marks when moving furniture around. The wool is naturally resilient. Wool is easy to care for and is naturally soil resistant. Wool rugs are comfortable, soft and durable.

 Cotton can be an easy to maintain because it is machine washable. When choosing cotton, look for organic cotton. Cotton is a highly pesticide-intensive crop, so organic is a safer and greener option.

 Bamboo is sustainable, renewable, and does not require pesticides. It also has natural antibacterial qualities. Although, usually not as comfortable as wool it has great aesthetics.

 Hemp is extremely durable, naturally resists mold and UV rays, and can be machine washed. It is a sustainable plant, using no pesticides, and uses little water. Hemp rugs are ideal for bathrooms, kitchen/dining and sunrooms.

 Sisal is great for high traffic areas of the home because of its durability and they do not trap dust. Sisal rugs are should not be used in wet, damp areas. They have a softer hand if mixed with wool.

 Jute is biodegradable which makes it great for the environment. It is also strong and durable so it will last. Jute rugs are UV resistant and have anti-static properties. Jute is the most environmentally friendly fiber from seed to expired fiber. This material is not suitable in wet, damp areas. It is best used in living spaces and bedrooms. If the rug does get wet pat dry and let it air out.

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